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JUYO VONSAN Crossdresser Apparel Crossdressing Panties Men Hiding Gaff Panties Silicone Pants

JUYO VONSAN Crossdresser Apparel Crossdressing Panties Men Hiding Gaff Panties Silicone Pants Item NO.: T003

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  • The silicone pants is made of high quality medical silicone, is widely used by men dressed as women and in cross-dressing parties,photography props and so on.
  • There is catheter design of this panties, you can pee without having to pull the panties down.
  • Soft touching feeling, the silicone is no harm to our skin, safe to wear.
  • Waist:70-100CM
  • Package included:1* Panties, 3*Strap
Product Detail
Product Name JUYO VONSAN Crossdresser Apparel Crossdressing Panties Men Hiding Gaff Panties Silicone Pants
Item NO. T003
Weight 0.3 kg = 0.6614 lb = 10.5822 oz
Category Crossdresser Pants > Cather & Vaginal Tube
Tag Crossdresser panties , Crossdressing Apparel , Crossdresser Apparel
Creation Time 2018-12-29



Came with the connectors for the straps completely broken off.



Bought as a gag gift for a Bachelor party. Served it's purpose.



Broken strap fist use



Started off great but now the strap broke after only wearing 4 times. Very disappointed. Won't be able to fix it so it must be replaced. I think the straps should come with color options to match skin tone or outfit , beige, cream, white, etc.It was super enjoyable while it lasted!



Comes apart from the straps real easy



Solid purchase not going to complain about that what I am going to complain about is the straps on the side that after a few wears they literally come off and there is no good adhesive or glue to put them back on.



When I first got it I couldn't wait to try it on. I wore it for half the day and took it off to go to bed. I woke up the next day to put it on and the hook strap on the right side tore off from the vagina. I have some silicone bonding adhesives coming to try and fix it. If not for tearing it's a great feminine feeling.Update: Got the adhesive and managed to fix the panty strap on the right side. Makes me feel like a real girl. I think every sissy should have one.



Sorry to ruin the products 5-star rating, but my experience was less than desirable. The first time I put it on, one of the top hooks came off. Fixed with Krazy Glue, although I'm still a little cautious. Don't know if I got a faulty unit, or if it just isn't that well put together, but still. The catheter works alright, although it does take some time to get used to. Takes some focus, and patience, to get it to come out, and you have to press down on the gaff for it to work properly. Overall good product, but could use some work in some places



This version of a gaff is just to bulky. Like 2 quarters thick for one. The catheter for peeing was useless, can't fit it at all. You might as well save up and get the boxer forms, or ones that you actually put on and not strap on



Technical: very weighty, sturdy, thick walled well manufactured. comes with 3 seperate straps, sm, med, and Lg. It wears comfortably like a thong. the straps attach by hook &eye closure and the belts overlay the hooks so there is NO binding into your skin. Now the fun part! I love writing reviews for amazing products. Please note, I have never had contact with seller nor been asked to review for compensation or otherwise. This is my honest opinion, as always! Back story (sorry). Years ago I came out to my parents that I am lesbian and have been living apart from them since. A few years ago, at my wedding no less, my brother came out to me that he was trans but very closeted. To show support, I (we) bought him several sizes of silicone breasts as he had been using , bird seed in pantyhose for breasts,,, although funny it was kinda gross lol. Anyway a few months ago she came out to my parents as well and as a result is now living with my wife and I. To show not only support but also that we embrace her, we have been buying a few things for her. This being most recent...side note im writing this review the same day we recieved it for good reason. ok..We had our doubts when we stumbled on this thing on amazon. actually, we laughed about it. But I kept coming back and reading and eventually said what the hell and bought it. When it arrived today my wife and I decided to take a look to make sure we wouldnt be insulting my sister. upon opening it, we both were shocked..I mean OMG, this thing looks almost totally real. we checked it out carefully and were a little bit left without words . Then I got courageous and said, i got to see this thing in action, so I put it on. The first thing I noticed was the pronounced mound but we decided it was probably necessary and thought, she wont mind that a bit. ( we are turning her into a bit of a floosy). The other thing we noticed is that although it obviously wasnt completely lifelike, it was damn close! the touch, feel, anatomy... holy cow! I almost was going to try and see if a vibrator would work but decided against, lol. We still had doubts about the whole pee thingy, looked like a flood in the making. Now we were excited. I washed it and wrapped it and we gave it to my sister. She was very appreciative but embarassed and set it aside without much inspection but kept eyeing it. We decided to go for a ride and left her alone. An hour later we walked in and she came out of the bathroom in tears. I hugged her and asked whats wrong. She said I really am a woman now. Ok, seeing for myself was tmi, so I took her word. She had just gone to the bathroom and said she tinkled . Ok we all busted up laughing. Apparently the pee thingy works pretty damn good. She did mention she wasnt sure about someone well hung if it would work but she is doing just fine!!! She was wearing hi cut underware and it completely covered her femininity. Also the skin color was pretty damn close. We did have to make a ruling about no touching down there when we are in the room lmao... now were off to celebrate over dinner at my former brother , now 1 step closer to being my sister. Thank you seller, for this product and especially, the price. Now that I know, I would be willing to pay triple but dont have to because of you! I know this was way too much tmi... but i felt it important since there are only 2 reviews, and I want to help others like my sister. lol, sorry , no pics available, shes not ready for playboy just yet, but one step closer!



is a good quality my friend is almost done in the pants, and he say thank you



Did not fit at all not happy



Worked for what I needed



Worked for what I needed


I ****al

Worked for what I needed



Worked for what I needed



Worked for what I needed



Worked for what I needed



It is a very realistic vagina. I wear it all the time. No complaints.